Hemp and Maize | Particle


High-quality hemp and Maize mixed together so the maize absorbs all hemp juices and as a result the maize comes out slightly darker. This two baits together encourages carp to feed competitively on your baited area.

Our preparation of presoaking and boiling ensures that all the sweetness of the natural sugars within the maize is released onto your spots.

Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris and I love this mix and though it is expensive for us to produce it works really well and we are making it available to you. Quite simply we only sell what we are happy to use our selves. This combination creates a great feeding spot without overfeeding the fish and keeps them grubbing for longer!

Like all things at Carbon Baits we pride ourselves on the quality of bait we sell and this high-quality seed is no exception, prepared in small batches to ensure the consistency and quality of the final product. Our perfectly prepared baits full of natural flavours that will encourage carp to feed.

Must be frozen on arrival.