Carbon Corn


Carbon Corn is here!

So the new carbon corn has been lovingly hand boosted by the bait guru brothers and are ready to go. Im going to put them on the web as a pre order.

There are only 15 stacks available, 5 stacks in each flavour. They are priced at £19.99 and you get 5 x screw together pots. Compared to the standard stuff others pump out at £15 for 3 pots, I think these are really fairly priced for the quality they offer.

You will then be able to buy refills at £4.50 which again will bring the cost down over time further and eventually save you money and the environment less single use plastic.

With the added benefit you can literally stack together any combination of hook baits you want for your session giving customisation options for any situation. Who wouldn’t want a stack of these in their armoury?

So lets discuss the new flavour profiles and attractor packages put together with the help of Alex and Dave at Bait Guru.

Essential Fruit - needs no introduction, put in front of fish, fish eats, fish in net.

Nutty Maple - my personal favourite. This is a blend of sweet maple, almond and tiger nut rounded off with a smooth dairy cream. The essential oils used in this one give is a slight herby back-note, two of the finest essential oils and a combination that’s stood the test of time as big fish attractors.

Scopex Corn - as you’d expect a great combination of flavours that just works, added sweeteners. In testing I’ve already caught fish to 38lb. This has a blend of two fruit essential oils that gives it a bit of a freshness.

Each liquid has the secret blend of sweetners, powdered and liquid form of added amino acids. They are high leakage and highly stimulatory.

So if you want to beat the plastic ban, or simply have a tipper over particle mixes that has a million times more attraction that a piece of plastic corn or something shop bought and standard. These are one for your hook-bait bag.

Hope that's enough info on the new flavours, any questions just drop me a message.

Thanks again to the awesome alex gill, you are a true legend.