Essential Hydro


 In association with our friends at Bait Guru they’ve kindly allowed us to use the essential Liquids i have seen first hand how devastating  these can be a true edge a massive thank you to alex and dave at bait guru 

Active Essential Hydro liquid with high enzyme activity blended with real fruit esters, flavours, sweaters and essential oils. A multidimensional liquid, the real fruit eaters create subtle changes in the Surrounding water Ph, essential oils leak from it carrying real fruit flavours and sweeteners and added pure liquid amino acids detectable by carp without having to physically taste. A liquid that works the entire water column, stimulating a carps investigative senses. Year round use and totally unique in the market

Supplied with breathable lids due to the Active Nature of the Hydro wheat 

Supplied in 1litre Jerry cans

Please shake before use and keep in a cool place especially during warmer months