Bait Deal 5 Parti Mix Shelflife power Jars FREE Delivery


20kilo of carbons finest particle mix delivery to your door for only £20 


A firm favourite with our Consultant Iain Mcmillian aka Ting Tong

We cook all the Particles in this mix separate so we know each particle is prepared correctly

This mix has accounted for some huge numbers of fish

In this mix you have Red Dari-Yellow Pea-Popcorn Maize-Black Rape-Tares-Hemp and Maples

Like all things at Carbon Baits we pride ourselves on the quality of bait we sell and this high quality seed is no exception. It is prepared in small batches to ensure the consistency and quality of the final product. Our perfectly prepared baits are full of natural flavours that will encourage Carp to feed.

Our Fresh Range must be Kept Frozen

Shelf life comes in 5.75 Litre Power Jars 

 Fresh Comes in 5KG Clear Bags



Our baits are:


  • Made from the highest quality seeds and nuts which contain and release valuable nutrients;
  • Ready to go, taking away all the time and effort of preparation;
  • Able to be used straight from the bag
  • Are perfect for loose feeding, spodding, and laying a carpet of bait;
  • Ideal for year round use.
  • This bundle is free delivery.