Chilli-Tuna Colloid


Mixing a high quality oil rich in omega fatty acids and liquid food can be a real edge. Oils carry the liquid food up the water column dispersing food signals far and wide from your baited area.

Utilising a spicey pure red chilli extract and an omega rich tuna oil, when shaken well directly before use, It will temporarily emulsify the liquids allowing it to get down to the substrate. From there the tuna oil will carry microscopic particles from your baited area and real liquid food signals from the pure chilli extract throughout the entire water column.

Many anglers have seen the use of oils and liquid foods together as a big edge over the years. We agree, so We’ve created it conveniently for you all in one bottle.


Supplied in 1litre Jerry cans

Please shake before use and keep in a cool place especially during warmer months