Common Questions

Q. How do I order my bait

A: By phone, email or website.

Q. Do you sell both retail and trade

A: Yes. Just contact Luke for details.

Q. How long will my bait keep

  1. A: Unopened your bait will keep for 3 months. Once opened, so long as you keep it cool and out of sunlight it will keep for several weeks.
  2. Fresh/Frozen (unpreserved) must be kept in a freezer after 24hrs

Q. How should I store my bait

  1. A: Keep you bait sealed in a cool and dark place.
  2. Shelflife bags need to be transferred to air tight containers.

Q. Can I use these baits with PVA mesh and bags

  1. A: Yes. We advise anglers to make them up as required and not to prepare PVA bags/sticks for long periods prior to use.

Q. Are these baits safe to use

  1. A: We use a human food grade preservative found in many of our own everyday food products. It is both odourless and tasteless and completely safe to both fish and the environment.