About Carbon Baits

Carbon baits is owned by Luke Edwards he took over from Alex Lister in early 2020.

Luke has been carp fishing for over twenty years and has caught some of the biggest carp in the uk and all over Europe

Lukes love for particle fishing was the main reason for taking over Carbon baits and he hopes his Experience of customer service will push Carbon Baits to the next level.




One of the foundations of my fishing throughout my career has been the use of quality particle baits. These fantastic natural attractors are full of proteins, amino acid & fibre all of which the carp cannot resist. They are not only incredibly effective at attracting and keeping fish rooting about in your swim, but are also a high-quality nutrient-dense food source, helping keep fish in excellent condition. For the angler, they also benefit from being affordable, easy to source and (if you have the time) prepare yourself.

One aspect of particle baits which isn’t great, however, is waste. We anglers tend to buy or prepare particles in bulk, so there is often lots left at the end of a session. These either get dumped into the lake, taken home and frozen, or forgotten about only to fester and ferment in a bait bucket at the back of the shed.


With Carbon Baits, my aim is to produce quality particles that will stay fresh for longer, allowing you to use them session after session without having to buy or prepare new bait or thaw old bait. I combine high-quality individual particles, including maize, hemp, party-mix and tigers, with food-grade preservative. The result is a great, affordable particle bait which, when stored correctly, will stay fresh for up to three months. This should not only save you money but ensure you have a bait you can be confident in and which is ready to go whenever you are.

If my experience to date has taught me anything, it’s that you never stop learning and it is with this mindset that I hope to grow Carbon Baits to provide excellent shelf life particle baits for my customers. I will be learning, improving and developing along the way, so it promises to be an exciting journey and one I hope you will join me on.

Whether you are after a shelf life or frozen product we will have a bait for you.

Tight lines.