Shelf Life Power Jars | Fishing Bait


Our Shelf Life Range is now sold in 5.75 Litre Power Jars these are sealed for extra freshness.

These are preserved in a natural solution and this technique has been tried and tested for many years.

Unopened the Jars will last for up to 6 Months these are an ideal product to leave in the car or van or even in the house

Opened we recommend use within 3-5 days, However if you wanted to keep these longer drain the liquid before use into a separate jar then after use reapply liquid into the jar making sure particles covered with liquid and put lid back on and this way you have a better chance of keeping for longer

These replace the old way of preserving meaning we are nearly 95% chemical free in our entire range.

Any questions email

Please note when 5.75 litre not available we wIll send in 2 x 3 Litre tubs.