January 06, 2019


Thank you for visiting Carbon baits.

Carbon baits has recently changed ownership and is now being run by Luke edwards.

Luke has been fishing since the 90’s and started tackling carp at his local lakes in codsall at Leighton pool this is where he got hooked and the rest is history.

In more recent years he has been a proud member of the Rh portfolio along with catching some lovley fish all around Europe.

Having caught big fish out of the monument fishery over several years he then went on to Acton Burrnell in Shropshire where he caught very well Over the three year period he was a member.

Then moving on to ‘the avenue’  where he has caught really well with fish to over 60lb and the first common over 60lb.

This is where Luke spent many years particle fishing and always opted for quality but found most products   Available on the market were either too expensive or of poor quality in the end he started producing his own.

Over the past two years luke did use particles from Alex lister who formed carbon baits and was that impressed with the product and Alex’s knowledge that he asked Alex to consider him should he ever want to sell up.

In January this year Luke struck a deal with Alex lister and has taken over Carbon baits.

The ethos of the company now is to sell quality particle at very competitive prices and build up a base of great anglers who share the love of particles.

We will try and have a product to suit every angler from the short session one to the seasoned angler, we will continue to sell shelf life product aswell as freshly cooked/frozen particle,

We plan to run a group of consultants and sponsored anglers to help our development in growing this great brand.

Just a thank you to our Lovley customer base and the tackle shops we supply.

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